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Our appetizers and recipes are all wheat free, gluten free and GMO free.

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Breads, biscuits, pizza dough, cookies, cakes,deserts and more. All wheat free, gluten free and GMO free.

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Our main course recipes are all easy to make, wheat free, gluten free, GMO free and have Vegetarian equivalents where possible.

This website promotes a wheat free, gluten free, GMO free and low glycemic index lifestyle. There are many suggestions on how to change the way we eat now to a more healthy diet to promote good health and weight loss.


I am not a doctor, I am not a nutritionist and I have no credentials in food or medicine. Actually I am a Finance Major from Northeastern University. So how does that make me an expert, it doesn’t. But, I do know how to follow the money.

​Anytime you change your diet you should consult your doctor before you begin.

Why are Americans so fat (including me)? Why is Diabetes on the rise? Why is America spending so much on health care if we are the best fed country on earth? Could it be what we are eating? Yes!!!

Let’s follow the money. The food table put out by the government says to eat grains more than anything else. Could the wheat farmers be driving this through political contributions? Why don’t we require food products to be labeled for GMO?  My guess is the money from chemical companies that goes towards campaigns. Europe and sixty plus other countries require GMO labeling. And there are foods grown in the US that can not be sold in Europe because they contain GMO’s.

Where does that leave us. In my humble opinion, if the government wants me to do something it can only be for someone to get re-elected.

My Story:

About four years ago I read about going wheat free. Well, I had tried every other diet, why not. I got very strict about it, yes not even ketchup. The first two weeks on the diet I lost 14 pounds. Yes, a pound a day. After a few months I had lost a total of sixty plus pounds. I felt great, my blood sugar came down to a normal level, I was riding my bike every day and feeling great. 

Sounds good, but then I got lazy. Over the next three years I gained back almost all of the weight. My blood sugar went back up. Why? I went back to eating pasta, bread and pizza. Enough is enough.  I could hardly get up off the couch. My ankles swelled up every night. My hips hurt, I was ready for a motorized wheel chair (ask my kids, they found no humor in that).

But then I reached down and asked myself, ‘when was the last time I felt good’. The answer, lose the wheat. Well that is what I did. My ankles stopped swelling, my hips felt better, I need to buy a new bike. This time I lost more than ten pounds the first week. My blood sugar went from 168 to 110 in a week. I had always maintained that wheat is bad for me.

I tried my best to eat as little wheat as possible over the past three years. Did it help, yes. My cholesterol levels are good, not perfect but for my age and weight the doctor was surprised. Good news, I convinced him not to put me on meds for blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes. I told him I could manage it all with diet. So, I did. Get rid of the wheat! It worked. My doctor and the other three doctors that I have had in the past four years don’t get it. But doctors are motivated by money. They are not nutritionalists, they have been taught by ‘Big Pharma’ that there is a drug for everything. My belief is that there is only one drug that counts, what you eat.

So here is my recommendation: Lose the Wheat!


There are so many that I can’t list them. And here we go with another. I don’t know if this will work for everyone. It works for me and that is all I can say about it. So what I want to do is make it as simple and delicious as I can. The recipes that I have developed take into consideration not only wheat free but low glycemic index for those of us that need to monitor our blood sugar. In my struggle with weight I have found that things that increase my blood sugar increase my weight. Wheat actually has a higher glycemic index than sugar. Yes, go look it up. So why does the American Diabetes Association promote eating whole grain wheat? You can follow the money.